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Get the best Python training in Coimbatore from Sivani Academy. Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language designed for web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), operating systems, mobile app development & testing, video games, etc.

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Course overview

About Python Training in Coimbatore

The Sivani Academy Python training in Coimbatore started with an overview of the fundamentals of programming in Python. Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language designed for web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), operating systems, mobile app development & testing, video games, etc. It is the most inviting language for Rapid Application Development because of its powerful features. Our Python training flows with Syntax and a thorough understanding of operations, variables, data types, data structure, looping, and control statements, all of which uses to manage Python data flow. The training then moves on to design and using functions, types of arguments, modules, Exception Handling, OOPs with Python, Threading, Advanced Data Structures, etc. Also, Components, Events, and Widgets assist you in creating a graphical user interface (GUI) and developing applications with database connections to work with the MySQL database and network programming concepts for client and server-side scripting.

What are the prerequisites for learning from the leading Python Training Center in Coimbatore?

To begin this course, you do not need any prior coding experience. However, a fundamental understanding of programming concepts like looping, operators, and recursive algorithms will be helpful.

Who should learn Python Training in Coimbatore?

  • Python Training in Coimbatore is helpful for Developers, Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Managers, and Statisticians.
  • Students, freshers, graduates, and other IT professionals seriously interested in developing their careers in Python, AI, and ML can take this course.

What are the benefits of Python training in Coimbatore?

  • The technical knowledge acquired from this Python training will allow you to implement and develop reusable, robust, generic applications to improve your confidence and programming skills.
  • The Sivani Academy, the leading Python Training Center in Coimbatore will encourage you to heighten your coding skills and support you to write the best-optimized code for delivering rapid Python applications putting you one step closer to landing better, higher-paying jobs. In addition to the theory lessons, we focus more on experiencing real-world projects.

What is the importance of Sivani Academy Python training in Coimbatore?

Sivani Academy is a great place to develop your knowledge for developing dynamic web applications using Python's core concepts. Python training in Coimbatore helps you advance your career in a reputable way.

Python Training in Coimbatore from Sivani Academy combines all of the fundamental concepts of Python to strengthen your position as a professional.

Scope of Python Training in Coimbatore from Sivani Academy

As demand for Python programmers grows, having a Python certification can help you stand out from the crowd, especially since the number of developers, programmers, and other professionals competing for some of the best jobs increases. Get your Python certification training in Coimbatore from Sivani Academy, and you'll be motivated to do your best.

Spending time and effort on getting a certification gives you another opportunity to review and validate your skills. Python can use for small projects, but major technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Netflix, and NASA also use this programming language.


Section 1: Introduction

  •  History
  •  Features
  •  Setting up path
  •  Working with Python
  •  Basic Syntax
  •  Variable and Data Types
  •  Operator

Section 2: Conditional Statements

  •  If
  •  If- else
  •  Nested if-else

Section 3: Looping

  •  For
  •  While
  •  Nested loops

Section 4: Control Statements

  •  Break
  •  Continue
  •  Pass

Section 5: String Manipulation

  •  Accessing Strings
  •  Basic Operations
  •  String slices
  •  Function and Methods

Section 6: Lists

  •  Introduction
  •  Accessing list
  •  Operations
  •  Working with lists
  •  Function and Methods

Section 7: Tuple

  •  Introduction
  •  Accessing tuples
  •  Operations
  •  Working
  •  Functions and Methods

Section 8: Dictionaries

  •  Introduction
  •  Accessing values in dictionaries
  •  Working with dictionaries
  •  Properties
  •  Functions

Section 9: Functions

  •  Defining a function
  •  Calling a function
  •  Types of functions
  •  Function Arguments
  •  Anonymous functions
  •  Global and local variables

Section 10: Modules

  •  Importing module
  •  Math module
  •  Random module
  •  Packages
  •  Composition

Section 11: Input-Output

  •  Printing on screen
  •  Reading data from the keyboard
  •  Opening and closing file
  •  Reading and writing files
  •  Functions

Section 12: Exception Handling

  •  Exception
  •  Exception Handling
  •  Except for clause
  •  User-Defined Exceptions

Section 13: Advance Python

  •  OOPs concept
  •  Class and object
  •  Attributes
  •  Inheritance
  •  Overloading
  •  Overriding
  •  Data hiding

Section 14: Regular expressions

  •  Match function Search function
  •  Matching VS Searching
  •  Modifiers
  •  Patterns

Section 15: CGI

  •  Introduction
  •  Architecture
  •  CGI environment variable
  •  GET and POST methods
  •  Cookies
  •  File upload

Section 16: Database

  •  Introduction
  •  Connections
  •  Executing queries
  •  Transactions
  •  Handling error

Section 17: Networking

  •  Socket
  •  Socket Module
  •  Methods
  •  Client and server
  •  Internet modules

Section 18: Multithreading

  •  Thread
  •  Starting a thread
  •  Threading module
  •  Synchronizing threads
  •  Multithreaded Priority Queue

Section 19: GUI Programming

  •  Introduction
  •  Tkinter programming
  •  Tkinter widgets

Section 20: Real-time project

  •  Python project environment setup
  •  Real-time Python project
  •  Project demonstration
  •  Expert evaluation and feedback

Section 21: You made it!!

  •  Sivani Academy Python certification
  •  Interview preparation
  •  Mock interviews
  •  Resume preparation
  •  Knowledge sharing with industry experts
  •  Counseling to guide you to the right path in your Python career

What will i get?

  • Study Materials
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Placement Assistance
  • Course Completed Certificate
  • To begin this course, you do not need any prior coding experience
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